Lean Full Service

New concept in providing legal services and attorneys specializing in several areas

Efficiency and commitment

Understanding clients’ needs. Faster, more efficient and customized solutions.



The firm

Founded in 2013, the firm provides a full service to both multinational clients doing business in Brazil and to Brazilian clients doing business abroad.

Lean Full Service

The firm offers a  concept of lawyering called “lean full service”, where each lawyer offers specialty services in two or three areas of law, keeping legal teams lean and efficient. This allows Montgomery & Associados to fully understand its clients’ business needs, thus enabling us to build close and strong relationships with them.


With head offices located in the City of São Paulo, Brazil, the firm has a far-reaching network of strategic alliances, contacts and correspondents in Brazil and overseas to better fulfill the client’s needs.

Internationally recognized expertise

All of its members are internationally recognized in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to: aviation & shipping, corporate/M&A, contracts, litigation, IP/IT, tax, employment, real estate, environmental law, antitrust/competition, insurance and reinsurance, IP, media and entertainment (including sports law). Each of our professionals is fluent in Portuguese and at least one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Korean.

The compulsory union contribution is eradicated

On 28th and 29th June 2018, on the eve of the beginning of the Federal Supreme Court (“STF”) recess, this Court, by 6 votes to 3, put an end to the controversial compulsory union contribution thereby upholding the changes, to articles 578, 579 and 582... read more

Basis for calculating unhealthy work risk premium.

In April 2018, part of Precedent n. 228 issued by the Superior Labour Court (“TST”), establishing the calculation basis for unhealthy work risk premium, was canceled by Justice Lewandowski of the Federal Supreme Court (“STF”). It is important to recall that, at the... read more


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